Remove the Hassle from Audit
Lots of accountancy practices across the country have come to realise that maintaining their audit certificate is becoming unprofitable or undesirable. Only audit can plug this gap, allowing your practice to continue to offer an audit service but removing the hassle. We are not interested in general accountancy and tax work. We are now operating with many Accountancy practices across the country in this way.

Benefits to you;

  • Reduce your compliance burden
  • Lower costs
  • Ensure best practice in audit
  • Spend more time on strategic issues
  • Ensure you never lose a client because you don’t offer audits

It’s simple, You do the accountancy work- we do the audit


‘Tax is our background so where we want to service clients is in tax planning strategies and value added services. Auditing is compliance; the majority of clients don’t value the audit and it brings a lot of extra regulation on top of the clients other obligations. We would definitely recommend Only Audit. The service provided is very professional, compliant, timely and works really well for us and our valued clients so we can focus on them and let them focus on profitability and their businesses.’

Frederick Cronin, Cronins Business and Taxation Advisors

‘Dealing with Only Audit allows me to take on bigger clients that need an audit. I can concentrate on the tax and accounts end and pass over the lower margin, highly

regulated work. They are efficient, fast and good to deal with.’

Yvonne Hollywood, Certified Public Accountant, Accountancy and Taxation Services, Dublin




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