A new act relating to the accountancy standards of charities was published by the Irish Government in 2009. Its aim was to establish conformity in how charities present their financial statemebts.

As a result of this new act, charity accounting and auditing standards have been the subject of renewed focus for both charities and the accountants servicing them.

Despite its publication in 2009 the act has yet to be enacted. This unfortunately means that there is some confusion around what is and what is not required of charities accounting wise.

In anticipation of the iminent publication of details of the form and content for charity accounting and reporting by the Irish Government a number of Irish charities have started their preparations by adopting standards issued by the Charity Commission in the UK.

We have extensive experience working on charity accounts and on charity audits. We can advise charities big and small on how to position themselves to adopt the new rules as set out in the Charities Act 2009.

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