Welcome To Only Audit

Only Audit offers an expert, independent, outsourced auditing service to accountancy practices across Ireland. We concentrate our efforts on audit to remain at the cusp of best practice. Our team are fully registred auditors with CARB.

  • Voluntary Groups

    We specialise in helping charities and non- profit groups with audits of grant claims and indeed statutory audits.
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  • Accountancy Practices

    We work with small to medium practices who do not hold audit certs. We sign disclosure agreements with these practices ensuring they maintain the client relationship and we simply manage the audit process from start to finish.
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  • Late filers

    If you have missed your Annual Return date you will have lost your audit exemption . Your accounts will need to be audited for the next two years. Only Audit can help you with this at a reasonable cost…

  • We were getting to the point were doing audits for 1 or 2 clients wasn't proving profitable but we didn't want to lose any clients. We have been really satisfied with Barry and his team so far, Mark, CCMG, Clontarf, Dublin MIKE

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